Hello and Welcome to Stalking Cat, Gisborne, Australia.
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Why Stalking Cat?

Australian Country furniture was created out of necessity and  through the poverty of the 1890’s and 1930’s depression and the early settlers living in remote and isolated regions of Australia. As a result of these harsh conditions, resourceful people made their own furniture and implements from whatever materials were available to them – branches, packing cases, tins, wire and fabric.

Out of necessity came ingenuity, packing case couches, side tables with stick legs, wash basins from oil tins, chest of drawers from packing cases with kerosene tin drawers and the list goes on. This primitive furniture has naïve but charming qualities. In its heyday it was functional, practical, simplistic but appreciation for its aesthetic appeal has grown overtime. Today it is increasingly more difficult to come by genuine pieces.

Stalking Cat recognizes such items as an important part of our social and cultural heritage and has set up an engaging store in the charming township of Gisborne in the Macedon Ranges.

Stalking Cat specializes in original early settlement, depression, primitive, rural antiques and country house furniture and wares. Our items are sourced from around Australia. We also offer beautiful early examples of country house furniture from the U.K and primitive  folk wares from the U.S.A.