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Dominic Romeo

Dominic Romeo

As a teenager, my mother would always say “why is it, that even in a drought you can return home with a car covered in mud”. I don’t think she understood (and still doesn’t) my compulsion for seeing what was down every dirt road I passed and my fascination for visiting tips and the sheer pleasure in discovering the beautiful and the battered.

Over the past 30 years Dominic has worked in tourism, hospitality, event management and restoration. However, his principle interest has always been restoring heritage buildings. Dominic spends a considerable amount of time sourcing architectural antiques, fittings and furniture with his wife Marie who is an established interior decorator.

His interest for Australian Antiques began at age 15. It was during the 1980’s he began scouting the countryside collecting early country antiques, primitive and depression furniture.

Today Dominic Romeo operates his unique store, “Stalking Cat” in the township of Macedon in the Macedon Ranges.

Dominic Romeo has been featured in numerous magazines, TV and radio programs and has been the recipient of 20 Awards in tourism and business. He holds a BA in Business Management, BA in Fine Art Photography and is a Board member of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and sits on a number of National Trust committees in finance and conservation. Dominic is also on the Yalari fund raising committee to provide educational opportunities for Indigenous children.